The difference between nonprofit content marketing and brand journalism

Content marketing and brand journalism differ in approach.

The first begins and stays with a charity's mission and mindset. Its programs and fundraising goals and the best way to share these priorities with interested audiences are always top of mind. While this type of marketing may deliver relevant and useful content, it does not always move people closer to the cause.

While traditional journalism aims to be entirely objective, brand journalism does not. It has an objective. It’s trying to tell a story that builds the charity's brand and attracts relevant audiences. Brand journalism is much more interested in the effect upon audiences. It wants to tell a good story over providing useful content alone. It seeks to inspire and to lodge itself in the minds and hearts of readers and/or viewers.

By the charity not advertising itself, readers do the marketing and advertising for them. They share the content with their friends and family, leading to word of mouth (WOM) and increased interest.