5 Videos that Capture and Hold Your Attention

Through the years very very few music videos have inspired me no matter how many times I watch them. These five below are moving for many reasons, but the primary reason is that there are no celebrities here selling. Even the Beyonce song is for the United Nations and the music video is mostly of anonymous people doing great things. It’s the authenticity of the singers vs perfection that will win everyone over. 

Beyonce – I was here

Anonymous — I am Malala (these gifted singers do not identify themselves, which is part of the appeal just months after Malala was shot in the head by an assassin)

Paying for Change — It’s a Wonderful World

Erik Whitacre — his first Virtual Choir in 2010. He has “composed” several more since then, each involving many hundreds more voices at a time. Each person from around the world contributed a voice file that Erik put together into the music video. 

Missing People Choir — that’s their first utterly devastating (in its unbearable simplicity) video created for the UK charity by the same name. Here they are several years later on "Britain’s Got Talent".

The common thing about this video and the others above is that we are brought up close to the experiences and faces of REAL people, not celebrities. Authenticity more than talent.

If you get a chance to watch the Missing People Choir, imagine the unfathomable heartache of each singer. Suddenly the music has very little to do with what is making you cry, though the music is all the more transforming because the amateur singers are trying so hard to get it right. The more weathered the face, the more you cry out with them and never never ever want to know their pain. 

It’s nearly impossible to achieve what these videos achieve. But the closer we get to real feelings, real words, real faces, and the further away we get from mere “performance”, you’ll be closer to what your cause needs to honor your mission.