Charity Spring

This website and its social channels connect you to leading experts in the ever changing marketing landscape, particularly video marketing. Nonprofits along with everyone else are are vying for attention, trying to refresh content that is increasingly decreasing in effectiveness. Charity Spring shares successful strategies and tools that will help you create and nurture marketing communications that cut through the noise in order to inspire and engage your constituencies. 

Ideas and commentary are also offered at Nonprofit Quarterly

Serving as the chief development officer for many charities large and relatively small, it remains as challenging today to raise $100,000 for some as it is to raise $100 million for others. And that challenge is getting more interesting as fundraising enters into the "post-text future".  

Video is ascendant. Facebook and most other platforms are continually refining their algorithms to be more attuned to user preferences for video. In our mobile-first world, see where direct mail and telethons get you. Rather than talking at your donor, video values your donors’ time by bringing them into your story.

Videos should help charities to, in the words of Simon Sinek, “start with WHY”.  The Why helps donors own your mission. A sense of belonging leads to committing time and money to your What and your How. Charity Spring is interested in discovering and promoting the world’s leading ideas on how best to tell the story of your WHY.

Videos tell stories that are remembered and that move people to take action. The goal is to create personalized videos that are up-to-the-minute relevant and delivered at news cycle speed. There’s a reason why Amazon, Google and Facebook are committing their resources to a personalized marketing methodology. Video can achieve one-to-one engagement in a way that is convenient to your mobile-oriented donors.